House of Cards Official Photographer

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Pete Souza was Obama’s Official Photographer. He’s turned into an instagram troll of epic proportions – see below – because of the way he releases pictures with impeccable timing that contrast Obama’s charm and genius with the sulky orange niknak that is the current president. But sometimes life meets art, and here, Souza gets to photograph another odious president, Frank Underwood. I love the thinking that went into this simple but multilayered campaign. Full story here

A Clash of Thrones – Netflix at Cannes


Netflix the streaming giant arrived in Cannes for the first time ever with two competition premieres: “Okja” and “The Meyerowitz Stories.” And it got caught up in controversy after French distributors protested its inclusion in the world’s most glamorous festival and jury president Pedro Almodovar huffed that he couldn’t imagine giving the Palme d’Or to a movie that didn’t open in theaters first.
But when the dust cleared, Netflix had two of the strongest English-language films at Cannes. In other words, Netflix doesn’t need Cannes, but it’s hard to argue the reverse would be true
. – Variety.


For the first time, Netflix has two films in Competition at the Cannes Film Festival – Okja and The Meyerowitz Tales. But from next year, the Festival will update its submissions policy to include commitment to a theatrical release in order to be eligible. This brings the festival closer in line with French media chronology laws that require a three-year window between a film’s theatrical release and its online debut. The National Federation Of French Cinema (FNCF) has driven this because it champions a cinephile culture rooted in the theatrical experience. Netflix upholds a culture of content that’s available when the audience wants it, and it continues to champion a streaming model that bypasses theatrical release, allowing global subscribers to watch a new film wherever they are on the same day of release.

It’s a clash of thrones. A generational battle of titanic proportions. House of Cannes may have won the battle, but the way people consume content today suggests that House Netflix will win the war.


And THIS is how you engage: witness the Transmedia Marketing “Commercial” for new Tilda Swinton movie, Okja. The film follows Mija, a young girl who must risk everything to prevent a powerful, multinational company from kidnapping her pig called Okja. Swinton playing the leader of said company, Lucy Mirando.

Mirando is a character the Netflix marketing team believes is bold enough to live beyond the screen. In a run up to the film’s June 28 premiere date, Kyle Christensen, marketing and social manager for Netflix Original Series and Film, is leading a multilayered campaign, starting with a website: Super Pig Project site and a Twitter account for Mirando: @lucymirando.

Full story explaining the marketing vision at Fast Company.