Hello and welcome to my website. My name is Martin Cuff and I am a skilled marketing and business development executive with two decades of experience across all five continents. I have successfully managed people and projects in multi-national, -cultural, -lingual, -ethnic and -disciplinary environments – with particular experience with public sector bodies and in Pan African and International associations.

Max in Macchu Pichu

Although I was born in the UK, I have worked on all five continents, with activations completed in South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Serbia, Georgia, Turkey, Indonesia, Sweden, Rwanda, Kenya, Ethiopia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Romania, India, Barbados, France, South Korea, the UK, the USA and Peru. I am particularly interested in marketing – of brands / destinations and of movie content. My site blog for instance looks at the exciting ways film companies are building audience engagement. My career timeline is as follows:

Martin Cuff Consulting / Martingale Content 2006 – date
Association of Film Commissioners International, Executive Director 2011-2015
Colorado Film Commission, Executive Director, 2005 – 2006
Cape Film Commission, Chief Operations Officer / Acting CEO, 2002 – 2005
Cape Town Film Permit Office, Acting Manager, 2003 – 2004
Southern African Intl. Film & TV Market, Chief Operations Officer 1997 – 2001

My other passion, and the way I spend an increasing amount of my time, is the creation of original content and transmedia. Operating under the Martingale brand, I write original content in the form of books, films, television and transmedia. I also works with independent filmmakers as Producer of Marketing, driving the global marketing and positioning of their films by developing strong, cohesive and memorable marketing initiatives using a variety of traditional and digital tools.