Batavia (1)

It’s 2088, the V.O Company’s massive inter-planetary freighter, the OSV Batavia is on a routine mission to Epsilon IV, one of the private mining colonies off Jupiter, at the far edge of the asteroid belt. She is carrying passengers and freight, and enough cash and gold bullion to pay for the colony’s operation for the next five years.

On board the Batavia is Dr. Uzo Igwe, the ship’s medic; she’s taken the job in space because it’s one of the few ways she can support her only daughter Amaka, following the recessions and banking collapses and general economic and environmental malaise on Earth.

In the darkness of Space, though, Uzo becomes aware that the Company’s new Under Merchant, Jerry Cornell – frighteningly devious, brilliantly manipulative – is mobilizing a small but deadly team of mutineers. Cornell plans to take over the ship, shove the mission commander Chief Merchant Oren Pelser out of the airlock, and to escape with the gold.

Cornell’s mutiny is initially put on hold however when the Batavia is devastated by an asteroid strike. About six weeks out from port, the ship is almost fatally disabled. It’s leaking water, leaking oxygen, and its life support systems are unstable. The failure of the hypersleep systems also means that 288 people are now awake, but there’s only food on board for 80.

With the situation dire and fearing the loss of the billions of New Yuan-Dollars the Batavia is carrying, Chief Merchant Pelser takes a shuttle and sets out for help. Unwittingly, he leaves Uzo and 287 other men, women and children under the command of Under Merchant Cornell – the one person on board who really does not care whether the crew and passengers live or die.

Isolated, disarmed, weak from lack of food, and unaware of the evil in their midst, the survivors are now in mortal danger. Jerry Cornell begins to use his Company authority to “thin the herd,” killing many, enslaving others. As the tension and terror escalates, it’s up to Uzo to take action, exposing Cornell’s evil plan and preventing any more bloodshed before the Rescue Ship can return…..

BATAVIA is based on the shocking true story of the wreck of the Dutch East India Company retourschip, The Batavia, which ran aground during a mutiny, off the unexplored coast of Australia in 1628.

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