Love, Simon

Love, Simon is something of a first; a major Hollywood studio production that does not diminish or ignore the fact that it’s essentially a gay teen love story in its marketing materials. Just look at the cheeky billboards erected in LA to promote the movie. We-ho – West Hollywood – […]

The Titan

God I love Aussie brickie Sam Worthington. He always looks so surprised to find himself a movie star, like he’s stumbled onto set as a janitor or delivering bottled water and has accidentally ended up in costume in front of the cameras reciting unfamiliar lines but its all a colossal […]

What Oprah Did: The Marketing Onslaught for A Wrinkle In Time

From day one of production, Disney pulled out all the stops in promoting A Wrinkle in Time. The marketing enrolled the heavy-hitting social media reach of its’ stars to punt the film and its message of diversity; Winfrey reaches over 67M social media followers across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram with […]