Skyscraper: the sky’s the limit for Dwayne Johnson

Skyscraper is the year’s biggest “not based on anything” studio release, and the weight of its expectations is resting on the broad shoulders of its affable lead, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Johnson is one of a tiny handful of modern-day movie stars able to front mid-to-big budget vehicles based on […]

Love, Simon

Love, Simon is something of a first; a major Hollywood studio production that does not diminish or ignore the fact that it’s essentially a gay teen love story in its marketing materials. Just look at the cheeky billboards erected in LA to promote the movie. We-ho – West Hollywood – […]

The Titan

God I love Aussie brickie Sam Worthington. He always looks so surprised to find himself a movie star, like he’s stumbled onto set as a janitor or delivering bottled water and has accidentally ended up in costume in front of the cameras reciting unfamiliar lines but its all a colossal […]