CNN 18 Places to Visit in 2018

Fourth on CNN’s list of 18 Places to Visit in 2018 is Serbia.

The jigsaw puzzle of countries that once made up Yugoslavia have, in recent years, become some of Europe’s most talked about destinations, particularly the Adriatic coastlines of Croatia and Montenegro. Serbia has somehow lagged behind. Not for long though. Visitors are beginning to descend on this largely undiscovered corner of the region, lured by terrific scenery, rich history, incredible value for money and a lot of cheese.

Belgrade has already established itself as a city that can party and — in much the same way eastern Europe’s big cities did 10 or 15 years ago — is shedding urban Soviet gloom and rushing headlong towards a glitzier future.

By its borders with Bosnia and Kosovo, Serbia’s Kopaonik and Zlatibor national parks offer winter sports and summer escapes in epic mountain scenery. The Tara National Park has gorges overlooked by forested karst hills. In Serbia’s deep south, ?avolja VaroŇ° or Devil’s Town offers a crazy geological spectacle of weird rocky pinnacles. While Serbia lacks its own coastline, the mighty Danube River still lures summertime swimmers to a castle-strewn “riviera.”