Dinosaur Protection Group

Jurassic World raises the bar again on transmedia content. Check out the website for Dinosaur Protection Group; for all intents and purposes set up as a real programme campaigning for the rights of….dinosaurs. It’s a complete amalgam of the forthcoming film (Fallen Kingdom), related content that won’t be appearing in the movie itself, and actual paleotology disguised as zoology. You’ve got mission statements, Dino facts, and a monitor of seismic activity on Isla Nubar, as Mt. Sibo volcano prepares to blow. Pages and pages of it. Down the rabbit hole of audience engagement. I freakin’ love this stuff.

Black Panther’s Marketing Juggernaut

Black Panther’s marketers turned to ?college football in a major way. On Jan. 8, the studio organized the first halftime show during?the College Football National Championship, where Lamar performed. A new trailer dropped during the game, featuring Lamar’s and SZA’s song from the film, “All?the Stars.” Disney also used the stunt to start selling advance tickets.

Disney also quietly supported a grassroots movement raising money for kids to see the movie by helping with screenings when it could. Numerous actors, including Brie Larson, who stars in Marvel’s upcoming Captain Marvel, joined the effort. Others in the Disney stable also became ambassadors for Black Panther, including Oprah Winfrey, star of the studio’s A Wrinkle in Time (March 9), and?that film’s director, Ava DuVernay.

“They promoted Black Panther both broadly like a blockbuster and deeply like a passion project,” says AMC Theatres executive vp and chief content and programming officer Elizabeth Frank.

“We went about making it feel like a cultural event,” says marketing executive vp Asad Ayaz.

Hollywood Reporter’s story on the marketing juggernaut here

Game of Thrones 1 through 6


I haven’t reviewed anything for years now, but I’ve just binge-watched the last five seasons of Game of Thrones, and three days later, I’m still taken aback by what I’ve just seen. Such ridiculously awesome production values, such consistency of quality, such remarkable story-telling across multiple sub-plots and characters. The battle scenes – the final battle in this image above – are unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed on film. Only Lord of the Rings comes close. And frankly this is better. I loved the GoT books, but the tv series has taken the story to a whole other level of visceral pleasure. I cannot wait for Season 7. Breath-taking.

Murder on the Orient Express

Yes, it’s a really great cast. But I wonder: who is this film aimed at? Surely the audience for Agatha Christie is the same audience who watched the film the first time around – and they (we) know who did the killing? Is there suddenly a big run on Agatha Christie novels that made someone think that there’d be demand? Is the chucking in of Penny Cruz and a black doctor going to hit it out of the park with minority audiences, state-side? Is Johnny Depp enough of a thing? With adults? I don’t know. Seems like a reach, however good the movie is technically.