A Place of Safety

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It’s been eighteen months since the zombie apocalypse. The remaining citizens of Cape Town, South Africa have sought shelter in the CBD, where they are organized into work groups by a handful of community leaders. (The government has relocated to the relative safety of the cells on Robben Island, from where it issues proclamations that nobody listens to anymore.) A contingent of Chinese and Indian troops, seething with mutual distrust, patrol the boundaries, barely containing the resurgent the coloured street gangs or the swarm of zombies moaning at the barriers. It’s a helluva place to grow up, and Ellie Whitely, private school girl and only child of divorced parents, now 18, has survived mostly by chance, partly by determination. But when in fighting between the troops and the gangs weakens the barricades and the zombies look set to over-run the town, Ellie loads her father’s car with her dog, her elderly next door neighbour Mr. Mahmood, and Mr. Mahmood’s nursemaid Noxy, and heads out across the abandoned farms and ravaged countryside to find a place of safety in the mountains of her lost childhood.