The Walking Dead

You know how partial I am to apocalypse movies, and to zombie movies in particular? I think I’ve determined by now that there’s something about shuffling, mindless, unreasonable hordes that links in to my basic misanthropy. So AMC’s critically acclaimed, much-awarded, ratings-champ post-apocalyptic series The Walking Dead was eagerly awaited […]

Projects & Programmes Update

Quick business update. Into the detail on the Durban & KZN Film Review project; we’ve issued two more reports including the Review of the Durban Film Office and International Benchmarking, and an Analysis of the Durban Film Sector utilising a Value Chain Approach. The Durban blogsite is on-going and I’m […]

Nearly Nailed by Political Interference

In the greater scheme of things, how an interfering official in the State of South Carolina dealt with the filming of the new Jessica Biel, James Marsden, Jake Gyllenhaal movie Nailed is a lesson on how not to engage with the film industry. In Nailed, Biel’s character Alice is a sweet, small-town waitress […]