Caught Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Babel on tv again last night – a beautiful, gut wrenching and entirely appalling exposition of the confusions and mistakes and misunderstandings that separate us. In light of the xenophobic wrath unfolding in Johannesburg right now, it’s a timely reminder of umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu – our […]

Kenya Film Commission launches E-Newsletter

Back in January 2008, Martin Cuff Consulting assisted the Kenya Film Commission with the planning, scheduling and organisation of a familiarization tour to a selection of Film Commissions, Film Organisations, production houses, film studios and film schools in South Africa. The March 2008 edition of Screen Africa covers the visit […]

Shirley Valentine

We have a pet hate in our family; the incessant and omnipresent Greek Tourism ad that tops and tails movie news on CNN. At 59 seconds, the (admittedly well-produced) spot seems longer than the snippet of film news it supports. Now in comparison, last night we caught Shirley Valentine on tv. […]