Street Kings

I’m a crime novel junkie. I’ve read every Michael Connelly, every Harlan Coben, every Jeffrey Deaver and every James Lee Burke novel there is. Lee Burke’s main character is Detective Dave Robicheaux of New Iberia Parish in Louisiana, and you can virtually smell the bayou and the grilled crawfish and […]

Oh My God, Can You Rent the Colosseum?!

For a Locations junkie, I took my own sweet time to get around to blogging about Jumper, the Hayden Christiansen / Samuel L Jackson sci fi pic about a young man who learns that he has the power of teleportation. Given his special skills, it’s unsurprising that the movie’s locations […]

Kenya Film Commission visits South Africa

I’m pretty excited; the Kenyan Film Commission has been visiting on a fact finding mission in South Africa – and also to define a Terms of Reference for a consulting contract with Martin Cuff Consulting. David Maingi took over as the CEO of the Kenya Film Commission just over a […]

The Da Vinci Code’s Virtual Location

Watched the Da Vinci Code on MNET last night. On a second viewing, I thought it was pretty good – better in fact than the book which I found a bit obvious (my dog is sharp enough to have guessed the clues.) But it’s still a solid, well made Ron […]

Cape Town backs Film Studio

DREAMWORLD Back in October 2003, there was international news about a new movie studio to be built in Cape Town. And then, nothing except silence, rumour and doubt. So it’s something of a relief that South Africa’s Mail & Guardian Newspaper is finally able to report: “The City of Cape […]

Heath Ledger

So poor Heath Ledger is dead. A terrible, sad end for a prodigious talent. Since I tend to be interested in Film Locations and the remarkable economic impacts of film production, it’s worth recalling one of Heath’s most remarkable achievements; boosting tourismto a setting where filming didn’t actually take place. […]

The Golden Age

‘Elizabeth: The Golden Age’ tells the thrilling tale of an era – the story of one woman’s crusade to control love, crush enemies and secure her position as a beloved icon of the western world. At least that’s what the blurb says at the Working Title films site. But is […]