Children of Men

In Children of Men, it’s the near-future and society has collapsed following the startling infertility of the entire human race. Duck-footed Clive Owen plays Theo, an unambitious academic who becomes embroigled unwillingly in the idealistic plans of his terrorist ex-wife. It is one of the most visually striking, thought-provoking films […]


The story in Blindness – Jose Saramago’s apocalyptic “vision” as interpreted by Fernando Meirelles – is simple: Mankind is affected by sudden, inexplicable and instantly transmittable blindness. Society fractures. Some cope, and survive decently, some descend into cruelty and madness – everyone spirals into hell. (I kept thinking about Lord […]


There was so much hype and so many expectations raised before the launch of Ridley Scott’s Hannibal movie back in 2001, that at the time, it probably couldn’t have failed to disappoint. I don’t remember enjoying it greatly back then, but I watched it again last night, and I have […]