If you’ve “liked” Louis CK’s rant about smartphones recently, you’ll also enjoy Disconnect. Well, maybe enjoy is a strong word. It’s basically a grim tale about cyber crime and identity theft and online bullying and the tendency these days for us to play out our lives via the internet with […]

Man on a Ledge

The title says it all, really: Aussie Brickie Sam Worthington spends an entire movie stuck on a ledge, twenty-something floors up and on the outside of the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan. Elizabeth Banks is the cop who has to talk him down, Ed Harris the corrupt businessman that Sam’s trying […]


In Limitless, Bradley Cooper plays Eddie Morra, a grungy, feckless, kind-of-despicable no-hoper, whose life is completely transformed on consumption of a teensie leettle pill. Said pill is engineered to activate the bits of brain that normally go unused – that’s quite a bit of brain for Mr. Morra – thus […]