Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

In Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, the odious, plastic-faced Nicolas Cage plays corrupt cop Terence McDonagh, half-crippled and half-maddened from the pain of a back injury sustained during Hurricane Katrina. He wasn’t a particularly nice bloke before-hand, and now, addicted to prescription drugs and worse, he’s become a […]

Iron Man v. Ghost Rider

Someone up there was making a point; after the local release of the excellent Iron Man movie last week, the MNET Sunday night feature was Ghost Rider, another Marvel Comics superhero, this time starring Nicholas Cage. The story’s set mostly in Texas, though it was filmed in Australia at the Melbourne Docklands […]

Cape Town cranks up Locations & Permitting

Cape Town has had a decade-long reputation as a thriving film hub with a “can do” attitude. However, this season, the sector has been hit by a number of locations management issues that industry insiders are calling a “crisis”. Following an Industry Locations meeting called on 6th December 2007, the Cape Film Commission […]

National Treasure

The second installment of Disney’s hugely successful National Treasure franchise entitled “The Book of Secrets”, starts when a missing page from the diary of Lincoln’s assassin implicates Ben’s ancestor in the crime. Determined to prove his ancestor’s innocence, Ben (Nicholas Cage) follows a chain of clues that takes him around […]