The Cold Light of Day

A couple of years back, we spent a fantastic couple of weeks in Madrid. For that reason, I thoroughly enjoyed the photogenic roll out of familiar, beloved Madrileno locations in The Cold Light of Day……Unfortunately that was the ONLY reason. Not even Henry Cavill – Henry Freakin Cavill – can […]

Vantage Point

In Vantage Point, there’s an assassination attempt on the life of the President of the United States whilst he’s attending a big anti-terrorism summit in Salamanca, Spain. This chaotic exposition of bullet and bomb unfolds piece-by-piece, via six separate points-of-view, culminating in a car chase that features some of the best stunt driving […]

El Orfanato

Seven year old Simón sees dead people. Or to be more precise, he sees the ghosts of the former residents of a creepy Spanish orphanage in Juan Antonio Bayona’s accomplished debut, El Orfanato. But when Simón vanishes one sunny afternoon, it’s not clear whether his disappearance is accidental, or whether – as […]