Galaxy Quest

A lot was made of the fact that Galaxy Quest – the 1999 movie starring a shirtless Tim Allen, a pneumatic Sigourney Weaver and a host of other huge stars in early roles – managed to spoof Star Trek fans but simultaneously honour them. Which is true. This is, after all, the story of a group of hapless has-been actors in a defunct sci-fi show forced to literally live their old roles in order to help a threatened alien race, only to be saved by the most ardent of Trekkie fans. However, not enough (in my mind, at least) was made of the fact that this is a genuinely exciting movie and genuinely funny to boot – with cracking one-liners that still make you laugh out loud. (“Quick, before they kill Guy…” – see? still laughing. Oh well, you probably had to be there.)

Most of the filming took place in the studio in Culver City, with one notable exception: a plot point sees our reluctant heroes land on a red planet of wierd, phallus-y, mushroom-y, rocks, where balls of metal are harvested by a gang of evil munchkins. This in fact is the aptly-named Goblin Valley State Park in Utah. Wow.

Star Trek

Having just watched X-Men Origins, I was wary of the latest incarnation of Star Trek. Would it be Star Trek Origins – plodding, joyless and worthy, all the a-ha tick boxes checked?? The answer – a resounding NO. JJ Abrams Star Trek completely rocks.

An evil, renegade Romulan named Nero (an unrecognisable Eric Bana) is bent on destroying all the planets in the federation – including Earth. Young Kirk and Spock – and Uhuru and Checkov and Sulu – fresh from the Starfleet Academy, set out to save the world. Even Scotty shows up about 80 minutes into the picture (and almost steals the show.)

Yes, there are a few minor irritants (would your ship’s pilot be your first choice to send on a hand-to-hand combat mission?) but these instances are quickly forgotten because generally the movie’s a complete supersonic blast; rapid fire story telling, great action scenes, mind-blowing CGI, and a team of actors who clearly feel right at home in their old clothes. I was never a massive Trekky, but I actually think I could become one…….

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