To close out this “interesting” year, Here’s my Top Ten of the Films I’ve seen in 2013:

10. Gravity
9. The World’s End
8. This is 40
7. Argo
6. Zero Dark 30
5. The Descendants
4. The Way, Way Back
3. Hunger Games; Catching Fire
2. World War Z
1. Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas

Cloud Atlas? Here’s why:

Having said that, for the first time ever, I’m going to give you my Worst 10. Now, these aren’t necessarily the worst films ever made – I watch enough truly awful low budget Australian Horror films on Netflix to keep that category filled for a long long time. No, these are the films that took the audience for a ride, who screwed us without buying dinner. These were manipulative, soulless, tragic, loud, self-aggrandising follies of immense, cataclysmic proportions. So while you’re listening to the astoundingly, jaw-droppingly, emotionally evocative soundtrack of Cloud Atlas, please consider how little the following gazillion dollar budgeted abortions were able to move, or even interest you:

10. Pain & Gain
9. White House Down
8. Expendables 2
7. Man of Steel
6. After Earth
5. Red Dawn
3. Jack the Giant Slayer
2. A Good Day to Die Hard
1. The Lone Ranger

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