I normally save Rom-Coms for dvd. But Katherine Heigl and James Marsden are current pashes of mine, so for them (and particularly them together) I’d make exceptions. So we saw 27 Dresses. And I really did enjoy it – it’s a smile-worthy movie, even if the premise (“career or love – you choose, you lose”) is a bit last century. Katherine is sweet and lovely and funny and fabulous, Jimmy Marsden rocks, they’re obviously have a great time, and it all makes for a rather light-hearted way to spend an evening.

But there’s another character in the film, a personality so lovingly portrayed, so colourful, so brash, and painted in such detail you could almost smell her perfume; I mean of course, New York City. Every street scene, every shot of Central Park, is so deliciously, aromatically flavoured with NYC, if anyone tells me 27 Dresses was actually shot in Toronto, I shall officially be depressed.