If you’ve “liked” Louis CK’s rant about smartphones recently, you’ll also enjoy Disconnect. Well, maybe enjoy is a strong word. It’s basically a grim tale about cyber crime and identity theft and online bullying and the tendency these days for us to play out our lives via the internet with no thought to the consequences.


Jason Bateman plays Rich, the corporate lawyer for a tv station. A station Reporter has been doing an expo-zay of teen hookers, and she crosses some very blurred lines as she pursues one hot young guy for a story. Meanwhile, Rich’s son, a hopeless sad-sack type, is being bullied by some school “chums”, and he attempts suicide. The bully is the son of a cyber-detective who’s helping out a bereaved couple whose identity’s been stolen by a hacker. All of them are screwed; there is, conspicuously, no resolution to any of the dramas the characters face. But the tribulations also bring them closer to their loved ones and that, I think, is probably the message of the piece.

The cast is uniformly good, but the bullying teen Colin Ford stands out, as does designer Marc Jacobs in a nasty little pimp cameo. And it’s atmospheric too; Disconnect filmed in New York and New Jersey. The seedy motel is actually seedy in real life. Early shopping scenes play out at the Mall at Cross County.