Teenage dweeb Dave Lizewski (the revelatory Aaron Johnson) decides to become a crime-fighting vigilante called Kick Ass – complete with green wetsuit costume bought off the internet. Initially his antics make him a web phenomenon (as well as unable to feel pain through damaged nerve endings) but he soon falls foul of a ruthless mobster played by Hollywood’s current go-to baddy, Mark Strong. With his life now genuinely in danger, Dave’s last hope is a pair of genuine superheroes, former cop Big Daddy and his knife-toting, gun-slinging, kick-boxing 11 year old daughter, Hit-Girl.

Kick Ass comes from director Matthew Vaughn, whose pedigree includes visually and emotionally satisfying gems such as Layer Cake, and Stardust, so I guess I shouldn’t have actually been at all surprised that Kick Ass was such a fun, edgy, violent bundle of expletive-laden joy. Even the awful Nicholas Cage is pretty good here. But it’s Chloe Moretz as pre-teen Mindy who gets all the best lines and all the best attitude. Incidentally, she’s the teenaged vampire in the forthcoming Let Me In, so consider me frakkin scared already.

As for locations, the movie is set firmly in New York – but the Gotham version of it of superhero parlance. The aerial images, seen through a pastel-coloured lens, are some of the most dramatic and beautiful I’ve ever come across. In fact though, the action of the film took place in London, and in Canada.

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