The main goals of the AAFC are:

  • To promote the profession of Film Commissioning in Africa;
  • To support the development of world-class Film Commission skills and capacity with Public Institutions throughout the African Community
  • To create a network of African Film Commissions across the continent.
  • To provide relevant knowledge, resources and information to Film Commissioners and their staff.
  • To promote cooperation and the exchange of information between members;
  • To sustain the development and coordination of location searches and shooting opportunities across Africa;
  • To carry out professional and educational activities for members, particularly via Certified Training Courses;
  • To organize seminars and conferences and international promotions that continue to integrate African film sector professionals into the global market;
  • To provide cost effective services for Film Commissions, including ease of access to core business markets and discounted rates on promotional and developmental tools;
  • To improve the working life and business success of Film Commissioners, through access to skills and knowledge;
  • To highlight the most proactive film locations on the continent;
  • To address needs of international producers of films and TV dramas and to connect them with African Film Commissions;
  • To increase the amount of content shot in Africa for African and International markets.