MARKET INTELLIGENCE: We provide regular news and information from the international film commission community, including regular research updates on the producers interested in shooting in Africa, and the projects in development with potential African themes and locations. In particular we provide information on competitor programmes as well as new markets. This information is provided in monthly newsletters, as well as via various dedicated social media channels. We also provide links to the latest reports and surveys emanating from the industry, and detailed reading lists on new markets, the festival circuit, useful apps and tools, and other business development opportunities. The goal is to make sure you are fully briefed on the commissioning environment

ANNUAL MEETINGS & NETWORKING SESSIONS: Each year we plan to use the opportunity of film sector gatherings at international events to host African Film Commission meetings for members, with presentations and discussions on a range of key and current issues. Shared experiences lead to improved business practices.

INTERNATIONAL LIAISON: We will also use the AAFC platform to engage directly with our international counterparts, the EUFCAN, LAFCNet and AFCNet, as well as the AFCI, and to build constructive opportunities to share experiences and information. Opportunities to jointly leverage resources for networking and other social events to attract clients will also be investigated.

AN ONLINE PRESENCE: The Association of African Film Commissions will maintain a strong online presence, including a detailed website containing the latest news and events from international production that are relevant to film commissions.

MARKETING COLLATERAL: All AAFC members will be listed as Members in their respective categories in AAFC directories and on the website. Members may also make use of the “Proud Member” Logo of the AAFC and other collateral where available.

ESTABLISHMENT TOOLKITS: For members establishing film commissions, the Locations Toolkit is a cloud based information resource that shares best practices in facilitating film locations and production services, and offers a range of useful tools and templates that can be used during the early phases of the development of film commission proficiency. The toolkit also includes up-to-date news on best practices and useful applications, as well as include new developments in the industry, specifically those that may impact on operational methodology and business development.

The toolkit will include basic information on how to:

  • Facilitate Inbound Productions and permitting
  • Develop and manage the communication of Incentives Packages
  • Facilitate visas and other human capacity needs
  • Developing Scouting Support Services
  • Marketing Locations and manage relationships with location based stakeholders
  • Marketing of Local Crew, Equipment & Expertise
  • Developing production services around localised resources.



Our goal is to grow the number of film commissions, offices and institutes operating in the country, to thereby create an investment-ready environment for the production of international and African films in the continent. We are therefore continuously on the look-out for the kinds of information, skills, knowledge and networks that you need in order to do your jobs better. To support that, we develop and offer a whole range of add-on programmes and services that you can use to improve your Film Commission performance. The AAFC can provide a range of vital consultancy services to members, at special membership rates. These programmes are modularly designed and developed on request. Our programmes include:

CERTIFIED TRAINING: We provide certified training on a range of critical film commission services and programmes, taught by leading film commissioners at convenient African locations, throughout the year.

LEAD GENERATION: We assist in the generation of leads and the building of relationships with filmmakers with projects from Africa and Beyond that may potentially be filmed in Africa. We also offer Script Research for film commissions seeking advance information about projects moving towards production.

INFORMATION BROKERAGE: We explore and vet potential industry partnerships and sponsorship opportunities on your behalf, and serve as a clearinghouse for media inquiries about international production.

FESTIVALS AND MARKETS: We also arrange participation at Film Festivals and Conferences in Africa and beyond – including booth/stand logistics, meeting planning and media coverage.

PRESS AND PR: We can further provide Press and Media campaigns in the African and International media including preparation of materials and PR execution, media networking, and coordination with producers filming in your locations to develop relevant production announcements.

PROMOTIONAL EVENTS: We offer Industry planning and delivery for any event from cocktail receptions, publicity junkets and industry presentations targeting industry stakeholders at Film Festivals and Events around Africa and the rest of the world.

FILM WEEKS: We can also assist with the establishment, delivery and promotion of national or city Film Weeks – showcasing local filmmakers and their works, and providing a short conference programme with international and local presenters

INTERNATIONAL LINKAGES: Through our relationship with Film Commission Associates, a consortium of veteran film commissioners and film industry executives, we are able to provide direct services in London, Los Angeles and New York – including research services, fact-finding, marketing trips and promotional activities, organizing fam tours and other trips, and generally ensuring that marketing budgets are wisely spent.