Plot spoilers ahead, but basically mankind has sent a deadly, intelligent virus back from the future, and only a rare bacteria found on the ocean floor can destroy it. A group of elite scientists are whisked into a basement to try to make a plan, whilst the evil military-industrial complex plots to retain the virus for future use…….

OK, so I get that the plot of the Andromeda Strain mini-series has mutated somewhat scarily from its original. I’m just not entirely sure that’s a bad thing; when Michael Crichton wrote the book in 1969, the CDC had just built its very first bio-containment lab, so it was all new and exciting. 40 years later, not so much. So I think a facelift was long overdue. And whilst it’s certainly a tad convoluted and shall we say stretchy, it works well enough as a stand-alone.

I’m trying to find out which Canadian cow town played stand in for Piedmont, Utah. I’ll let you know if I find out.