The transmedia marketing for The Martian is EXACTLY what should be done for a space epic of this magnitude. Collated through You Tube and an “Ares Live” channel, it draws the audience in and stimulates their encyclopaedic need for knowledge and engagement via a whole bunch of innovative content.

Real Science with a world-famous thinker for added kudos – tick

Actual space science you don’t see on screen. (It’s not often you get to hear the worlds Chemolithotophic Detection in a sentence) Tick

A Farewell Video introducing the crew, their dynamics and the Ares itself. Tick

A Bring Him Home campaign vid featuring tons of fresh images? Tick

It’s really just a masterful demonstration of how Transmedia is used to build out complex words and notions so that the story itself remains clear and focused on its 90 minute journey. I saw The Martian last night and it really is all that. And finally, for good measure, Mars itself (Jordan played stand-in for the film)…..