One thing I have been doing is working with several former Film Commissioners and media industry experts with experience across five continents to offer an even broader range of services and options. We’ve identified key gaps in the provision of professional services to Film Commissions, and have created an a la carte selection of purpose-built, professional business services that are now available to Film Commissions and Film Offices worldwide. In particular, we aim to provide our clients with professional insights, guidance and access to the Film and Television industries in Los Angeles, New York and London. Our offering includes:

• CONCIERGE SERVICES: in Los Angeles, New York and London. We offer customized industry outreach programs for participating film commissions, including scheduling of business networking meetings with heads of physical production at US film and TV studios, independent finance companies and talent agencies.

• MARKETING SERVICES: We create tailored marketing plans for film commissions coming to LA, New York or London, to promote their regions to the local industry. We also manage the rollout of marketing activities.

• PRESS AND PR: We further help with creation of Press and Media campaigns in core markets including preparation of materials and PR execution, including media networking and coordination with producers filming in their locations to develop relevant production announcements.

• ONLINE: We provide technical expertise and industry know-how to ensure that film commissions are using the best online systems to track information about locations, projects, investments, etc

• FESTIVALS AND MARKETS: We facilitate Film Commission participation at key international Film Festivals and Markets, including booth/stand logistics, meeting planning and media coverage.

• INFORMATION BROKERAGE: We explore and vet potential industry partnerships and sponsorship opportunities on your behalf, and serve as a clearinghouse for media inquiries about international production. We also offer Script Research for film commissions seeking advance information about projects moving towards production.

• PROMOTIONAL EVENTS: We offer Industry support and guidance for any event from cocktail receptions, publicity junkets and industry presentations targeting industry stakeholders

• CONFERENCE PROGRAMMES & PANEL DISCUSSIONS: We can develop Conference Programmes on Film Commission topics around a key theme or themes. We compile teams of experts providing a range of inputs and information on a topic, supported by recommended reading, video etc.

• OUTCOMES-BASED TRAINING: We also offer hands-on programmes around specific Film Commission documentation; participants walk away with their own framework for strategy/policy/plans/materials as required.

• PRESENTATIONS: We can provide talks and presentations on specific subjects supported by video, powerpoints, supporting documents and other information, followed by Q&A.

• MENTORSHIP: We work with individual film commissioners on skills building over a mutually designed programme of activities.

• PLACEMENT: We run programmes offering Film Commission staff work placement in international Film Commission offices, not only learning skills but new film commission cultures.

• INDUSTRY INTELLIGENCE: We provide information and market intelligence in newsletter and our Facebook page, allowing our to clients keep up to date with the trends and topics around filming on location, key production matters, and a focus on emerging regions, new studios, facilities and financial incentives worldwide.


• Film Commission Associates has established an office in LA to serve as a permanent LA address and base of operations for visiting film commissions. The office is strategically located and offers film commissions access to filmmakers and information about upcoming productions.