Eek. I think I just became a Sci-Fi geek. I just sat through the first two seasons of Battlestar Gallactica, back to back. Don’t say I don’t know how to have a good time…..

Well written, dramatic, and often touching, BSG was of course filmed in Vancouver, Canada – which is pretty much kick-ass when it comes to on location filming. (though, as an aside, it reminds me of another BC-shot sci-fi pic – Stargate; apparently the actors on seeing the script were accustomed to moan “Not another wet planet?!”)

Anyway, apart from gratuitously trawling for pictures of Jamie Bamber in a towel, or¬†falling ever so slighly in love with Katee Sackhoff, there’s a lot of interesting stuff on line, including a series of links to Vancouver locations at the Tahmoh Penikett-inspired blogspot.

The Waterfall Building at 1540 2nd Avenue, Vancouver has featured as the Caprican capital city in a number of episodes.¬†There’s even a Google Earth/Maps site that links to locations.