Behind Enemy Lines has Owen Wilson as a corn-fed US airman shot down over Bosnia by those nasty, nasty Serbs (can we say “stereotype”?) and hunted down like a dog.

Setting politics aside, it’s an engaging enough film – the music is great, really drives along the narrative – and even the troubled Mr. Wilson is pretty good, entirely out of character without the slightest goofy wisecrack or pratfall. As you well know though, politics can’t actually ever be set aside when it comes to the Balkans, and I was interested to read that no Serb agreed to participate in the production, and the cast had to be taught Croatian instead. It didn’t film in Bosnia either, but in Slovakia. (iMDB has some great on-location pics.) The credits list the Slovakian National Parks. In the meantime, I’m back in Serbia on the weekend, and I can’t wait.