The Bucket List brings Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman together as cancer patients who become buddies and undertake an international “road trip of a lifetime.” 

The LA Times has a fun link about what it would actually cost – $105,730 for two – to undertake their global odyssey. Which is lucky since, it was all shot on location in LA. Erin Cullin at Empire Movies nails it.

For me, the unfulfilled promise of “The Bucket List” was epitomized by its choice of filming locations. During the film, Edward and Carter travel to France, to an African safari, to the Taj Mahal, to the Egyptian pyramids, to the Himalayan mountains. In real life, Morgan and Jack sat in front of a green screen on a Hollywood set while one of the worst examples of computer-generated special effects was projected behind them. It reminded me of those old black-and-white films in which people are shown travelling in a car while the same scenery flashes continuously behind them in the rear window. That is “The Bucket List” – a film that had all the potential to be the “real thing” but which instead felt like a cheap imitation.

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