Cape Town has had a decade-long reputation as a thriving film hub with a “can do” attitude. However, this season, the sector has been hit by a number of locations management issues that industry insiders are calling a “crisis”. Following an Industry Locations meeting called on 6th December 2007, the Cape Film Commission has responded swiftly and positively:

 Lord of War  Made in Cape Town – Lord of War

Interventions include: 

1) Receipt of “Location’s Manifesto”,  signed by over 250 business owners and locations professionals.
2) Meeting between SAASP & Cape Film Commission in Cape Town – 11th December 2007
3) Letter received from the City of Cape Town – 18th December 2007
4) Response sent from CPA/SAASP to the City of Cape Town/Cape Film Commission – 28th January 2008
5) Meeting between the CPA & Cape Film Commission in Johannesburg – 6th February 2008
6) List of “Hot Spot” Locations issued by the Film Permit Office – 13th February 2008 (Click here)
7) Publication of the “CFC Locations Update Page” in The Call Sheet – February 2008 (Click here)
8) Meeting between the CTFPO/CFC and CPA/SAASP in Cape Town – 19th February 2008
9) Confirmation of 2 “general location meetings” in Cape Town on 27th February and 12 March 2008 at 20H00 at the Waterfront Studios in Green Point (The second meeting will be a repeat of the first)

To brief the industry more comprehensively on Locations and Permit Issuance, the Cape Film Commission will be hosting the first General Meeting tomorrow evening – WEDNESDAY 27th FEBRUARY 2008 – at the Waterfront Studios. The Cape Film Commission will present long term plans for tackling locations issues and improving permit issuance. The CFC will also respond to the immediate concerns of the industry as outlined in the Manifesto.

Context of Current Permitting Arena – National, Provincial, City and Private Locations
Successes and Challenges
The Way Forward
Introduction of the CFC Board Location Sub-Committee
Industry Locations Professional’s Committee