A couple of random things. 1.) A couple of years back, I took a road trip through New Mexico. I thought it looked like the Klein Karoo. 2.) I read a short story book about Zombies while in LA. And 3.) I also just finished reading Cormac McCarthy’s bleak (and a little pointless?) book The Road about a road trip from hell. (I probably won’t watch the film now, thanks.)

So, aside from now planning to create a food and medicines stash in my basement, I was reminded of all of the above when I caught another little road movie called Carriers on the looonnng plane journey from LA to Dubai.

Carriers stars the rockin’ Chris Pine and the even more lovely Piper Perabo as a part of a mismatched foursome travelling through New Mexico in the aftermath of a vicious and extensive plague. Most folks have died nastily, and the increasingly desperate survivors battle to retain their humanity in the face of unspeakable choices. Christopher Meloni’s in it too, a Dad struggling to save his infected little girl.

It’s a small film really – it was apparently filmed back in 2006 and never released – but it’s creepy and disturbing and pretty convincing. Well filmed, well lit, well acted, it proved an uncomfortably enjoyably way to fill some of a 16 hour flight.