“Honor, Integrity, Principles: Everything is Negotiable” – so says the tag line of Casino Jack. It’s a film about the antics of the heinous, acquisitive, delusional Washington Lobbyist Jack Abramoff (the excellent Kevin Spacey), a world-class egomaniac who is by turns fraudulent and preachy, naive and rapacious. Amusingly, he is also a most consistently appalling judge of character; aside from the odd (very odd) politician, Abramoff proves himself almost consistently unable to sway the way anyone operates, from mafia sleaze-balls to Native American committees to the restaurant-going public. Only his wife and kids are nice, and he betrays them appallingly through his monumental arrogance, stupidity and greed. Entertaining. And smackable.

Hamilton, Ontario plays stand-in for DC, with Welland, also in Ontario playing stunt double for Loch Ness. When Jack and his business partner get involved in an ill-fated floating casino venture in Miami though, the action moves to them land-based Mardi Gras Casino in Hollywood, Florida.