As Disney continues to demonstrate the evolution of its princesses, it also continues to engage the audience in ingenious and intelligent ways. As part of’s Hour of Code program, for instance, Disney is releasing a free online tutorial – “Moana: Wayfinding with Code” – to teach kids the basics of computer science. In the tutorial, kids are tasked with using code to navigate Moana and Maui, two of the main characters, through the ocean. When they’re attacked, the students have to use their coding skills to dodge the pirates. Very cool and clever transmedia. The Easter Eggs also drive audience engagement.

Plus: Dwayne Johnson sings a song written by Lin Manuel Miranda. Seriously: What more could you want?

Star Wars Marketing Frenzy

Thanks to a carefully orchestrated marketing campaign that even reached out to non-geeks, a frenzy of early ticket sales crashed the servers of theater chains. As a result, interest in Star Wars has made the jump to hyperspace, leveraging Disney’s entire arsenal of media assets….

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Minions $600 Million Marketing Campaign





Bloomberg reports that Universal’s parent company, Comcast, and its partners spent a combined $593 million publicizing the animated film Minions – with less than half of the money going toward traditional TV and print ads. Promotional tie-ins featuring Minions are everywhere, from McDonald’s Happy Meals to search results pages and General Mills cereal, Chiquita Bananas, TicTacs and Pantone. $600 million? Totally worth it.

Walking Dead Transmedia

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AMC’s The Walking Dead is a prime example of transmedia storytelling. The Walking Dead started out as a comic book, evolving into a television series and then into webisodes – short videos only available on the internet. The webisodes showed additional storylines and insights from characters not in the show to offer more lore to the world the show exists in. Transmedia expanded even further to video games and mobile games. Valentine’s Day offered a mobile app to “zombify” yourself to send to your sweetheart. Next, the companion series: Fear the Walking Dead.

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