In Children of Men, it’s the near-future and society has collapsed following the startling infertility of the entire human race. Duck-footed Clive Owen plays Theo, an unambitious academic who becomes embroigled unwillingly in the idealistic plans of his terrorist ex-wife. It is one of the most visually striking, thought-provoking films of recent years, with some of the most visceral action scenes yet seen, but also threaded with incisive social commentary on everything from immigration policy to income disparity. It’s a fascinating and thoroughly intelligent movie.

I was reminded of it again when I came across this truly groovy set of fake ads and news footage – from suicide pills to expensive doggy clothing – created by an obviously very bright and clever team, that help establish a phenomenally vivid sense of a dystopian, nightmarish time and place as well as any film location. Excellent.