All around the world, governments have recognised the need for Copyright enforcement for a number of reasons:

  • The provision of a legal framework to the moral and economic rights of creators in their creations;
  • The encouragement of fair trade in creative content so that it can contribute to economic and social development;
  • The insurance that content creators are remunerated for the use of their creations;
  • The promotion of the rights of the public in accessing creative content, and;
  • The promotion of creativity and the widespread dissemination of creative production.

The protection of copyright is vital for the growth of international trade and economic development. The extent to which a nation protects intellectual property rights is linked to the potential for that country to benefit from the international trade in goods and services protected by such rights. As we move from an industrial-based to a knowledge-based economy, the protection of Copyright and IP is a necessary precondition for participation the global economy. Further, since it extends beyond the Copyright holder’s lifetime, Copyright is an invaluable method for the transfer of wealth between generations, and the establishment of financial security for successors.


Our experience includes work with World Intellectual Property Organization and the research and business case development for copyright management in both film and music. Our programmes cover:

  • The creative/copyright industry landscape internationally and locally;
  • The sector value chain;
  • Industry Stakeholders – publishers, producers, artists, distributors and manufacturers of works, etc – and their roles in the royalties payment chain;
  • The loss of income – both to artists and to government – through failure to manage and police copyright;
  • International Best Practice of Copyright Societies and Collective Management Organizations;
  • The legislative instruments available to implement copyright, manage royalties payments and enforce music rights.

So if you are looking to improve copyright management in your jurisdiction, we can help, so get in touch via the Contact Form.