Film Friendliness

“Film-friendly” is the strong and informed support of the film industry and the logistics of filming by all branches of government. By making film ‘everyone’s business’, commissions can not only raise public awareness of the economic and employment importance of the film industry but also encourage friendlier service to the sector. The rationale behind such film friendliness programme is that the film production sector frequently requires government support – particularly cross-sectoral support – for the logistics of filmmaking.

We offer a phased “Film Friendliness” development programme that covers the following protocols:

·     Development of processes that allow and encourage filmmaker access to government-owned locations and facilities;

·     Development of processes that clarify and make transparent all decision-making processes, including the allocation of fees.

·     Adoption of work processes, practices and protocols that contribute to film-friendliness, including commitment to providing value-for-money and competitive rates;

·     Development of a supporting focus on creating local jobs and providing opportunities to local small businesses to participate in the sector

·     Commitment to ethical and responsible filmmaking; and

·     Protection of and respect for sustainable locations, including environmental, cultural and social.

Working with municipalities and/or departments, we assist in ensuring Government departments, statutory authorities and agencies adopt a policy of being “film friendly” in order to support and facilitate film and television production.

In Serbia, we developed this programme to include certification of participating authorities – which offered great PR for the industry and the government.




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