Many jurisdictions currently approaches the film sector from within a cultural policy framework. There is however, far less recognition of the potential of film as a significant and dynamic contributor to the nation’s economy. Through our film policy research programme, we can place your film industry within its international context, and start identifying the policy gaps that can be filled, to ensure that the film sector contributes to the economy, to culture and to a range of other goals and objectives.

Martin TAFF

Specifically, our Film Policy research:

• Reviews a variety of policies, strategies, legislation and processes – national and international – that may impact on the formulation of a Film policy. These documents offer guiding principles and legal frameworks.
• Collects views from key players on propositions related to establishment of efficient national policy and legislation system for the film industry in Tanzania;
• Prepares a Position Paper with appropriate guidelines in establishing Policy and legislation system for the film industry;
• Provides stakeholders and the government with best practices from other countries based on research and development of National policy and legislation system for the film industry.

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