Tina Fey makes me laugh. I know that’s kind of the point, but she really does. Steve Carrell also makes me laugh (except in The Office, which I just find too embarrassing to watch.) So Date Night is something of a treat – a low calorie, fat free, sugar free, low gi, carob treat maybe – but a treat nonetheless.

Fey and Carrell are the Fosters, a pair of likeable, exhausted, overworked, suburban New Jersey parents out on a rare date in Manhattan. In a case of wildly mistaken identities, the Fosters proceed upon a kind of Adventures while NOT Babysitting.

It’s not great movie making, it’s not even great humour, but the charisma and sheer likeability of the leads (and the characters they play) keeps the whole thing bubbling along sweetly. I enjoyed it, and I did laugh out loud, which must be a good thing, right?

Manhattan obviously takes pride of place in the locations department. Interestingly though, the IMDB site lists Pasadena, California as the prime filming spot.

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