Another grey Belgrade Saturday, another crappy vampire movie. Such is my life….

In Daybreakers (as opposed to Daywalkers, which, in South Park parlance means Redheads, which imho are waaay more scary) it’s ten years after a virus has turned most of the global population into vampires. Vampire society has adapted ingeniously to darkness – including some lovely 1950’s styling – but there are problems afoot. The dwindling supply of human fodder means that a) the human race is all but extinct, the survivors reaching out to each other from isolated, sun-drenched settlements and b) blood starved vampires are all morphing into hideous Nosferatus. It starts with the ears, apparently. Out in the bush, the humans have a cheap, unlikely cure for vampirism – but not every vampire thinks that vampirism is a disease that needs curing…..

So it starts off well enough and the central premise is explored and expanded quite nicely thankyou – at least to begin with. By the end it loses its cohesion and devolves into a bit of bloodbath, which is actually a shame. Mind you, I’d come into this movie with low expections, which meant I wasn’t at all disappointed.

Daybreakers filmed in Brisbane, and at the Gold Coast Studios, with the support of the Pacific Film and Television Commission. Interesting that, in spite of the investment and the incentives, the clamour in Queensland is still for greater government support. Ironic really given what we’re dealing with here in Serbia – notably the lack of critical thinking being applied by the Serbian government to a similar need for – and opportunity from – film incentives.