Dead Snow is a Norwegian horror movie. About Zombies. Nazi Zombies. Who attack a group of co-eds on a weekend break in the mountains. I’d been meaning to blog about this movie for a while, but thought better of it considering the outrageous number of young people actually murdered in cold blood by that other (admittedly breathing) Nazi, Anders Barend Breivik.

Whilst not entirely without the formulaic “charms” of the zombie genre, Dead Snow is actually entirely pointless – yes, Zombies come, and they keep on coming (that’s surely the point of zombies?) but this film really offers us nothing else. The only purpose of making them Nazi zombies is to clarify that they are actually nastier than most of the other blank-eyed, flesh-eating undead you might have come across.

Thus, lurching from the set-piece killings of each of the main characters (Norwegian girls in freezing ski lodges OF COURSE wear bikinis), the entire movie seems designed more to showcase the creative team’s exploitative sadism than it does to tell a story – let alone to tell it well. It’s all just self-indulgent rubbish really, the kind of dross you get when you give a music video director a small budget and a snowmobile to express his mediochre talent. Maybe I’m just too old for this kind of crap, but I’d hoped for much more. I actually don’t care where it filmed. Norvege, as they used to say at Eurovision, nul points.

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