Wired has a great article on all the wacky Deadpool marketing stuff.

As crazy and unrelenting as it all is, isn’t this exactly what we want from Deadpool? If it was Thor doing all this, we’d just pack it all in and move to Antarctica, but when you’re trying to sell a hard-R movie about a relatively little-known hero—and especially when you’re not bound by Marvel Cinematic Universe rules (Deadpool is a 20th Century Fox movie)— carpet-bombing would-be moviegoers with a neverending siege of filthy humor might just be your best bet. Go get ’em,


It’s also marked the triumphant resurgence of Ryan Reynolds, who’s always been rather fine (if scuppered to date by dreadful movie choices.)


The best weapon in the Deadpool marketing team’s arsenal has been, without question, Ryan Reynolds himself. Where does Ryan end and Deadpool begin? Does Ryan know? Does anyone? Reynolds has been a one-man army of promotional material, and shows no sign of slowing down.