I read something recently that disturbed me. The scurrilous Daily Beast article suggested that we only love Emma Stone because she’s the convenient cutsey redheaded replacement for Lindsay Lohan. I’d like to respond to that idea most vigorously and most sincerely: that’s just not true. I love Emma Stone because she’s bright and funny and quirky and she’s got that husky voice and that expressive face and she’s got absolutely perfect comic timing. Also, she’s not a selfish drug-addled thieving minx. I would pay to see Emma Stone in just about anything. I would not pay to see Lindsay Lohan in anything, except prison overalls.

Take the snappy, smile-worthy Easy A for instance. Emma plays Olive, a highschooler who tells a little lie which gets completely out of control and ends with her (quite unfairly) being tarnished as the school slag. Can you imagine being outraged if Lindsay had been so besmirched? I thought not.

So, I loved the film, I thought it was heart-warming (serious!) and I laughed out loud too. Easy A filmed entirely on location in the California town of Ojai. filming90201.locations has a photo spread of the choice ones. I’d actually never heard of Ojai until later that very same day when, spookily enough, I happened to read it was where Reese Witherspoon got married. So now you know.

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