I believe in equality probably more ferociously than just about anything on this planet. So:

  • In light of tomorrow’s rather tragic attempt at Belgrade Pride – in the face of serious threats of violence (the last one was cancelled, the one before broken up by thugs), it’s basically being held behind closed doors…..
  • And in light of the rabid intolerance that’s let to multiple suicides of bullied gay youth all over the Land of the Free,
  • And in light of President Obama’s bewildering failure to deliver on any his oh-so-hopeful campaign promises on equality issues such as DADT and DOMA et al
  • And therefore to honour the eloquent, heroic, drop-dead Dan Savage (yes, I admit to a humungous man-crash) and his simple, moving, inspiring “It Gets Better” viral campaign….

I give you Easy A, which looks like a timely lesson in dignity and humour. It’s got (outstanding) Emma Stone! And (terrific) Amanda Byne! And that funny kid from Cougar Town. It’s otherwise known as Lets Not And Say We Did – which, I frankly think is a much better title. So:

Makes me feel better already.

Coming Soon, Personal

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