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Yes, you read that right. Devilishly handsome Mr. Eli Roth is murdering a bunch of people, and we can all watch — via Snapchat. Capitalising fully on the social media following of a group of Vine, Twitter, and Instagram stars, he’s currently hosting them at a mansion today in support of his digital network, CryptTV, before killing them off in increasingly inventive ways. Among those set to expire prematurely are Logan Paul (11.6 million followers across Vine, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram), Nick Bateman (6.3 million), Lia Marie Johnson (4 million), Jack Baran (3.6 million), and Simone Shepherd (3.5 million) The celebrities’ deaths will be captured in short snippets of video that are currently being collated into a single Snapchat story. That story will stay up for 24 hours, giving viewers a day to work out who to blame for the multiple murders of internet idols….