More South African movie news. (I’m a little slack jawed with incredulity by this point: viva South Africa viva!) Word is out that SA-born District 9 helmer Neill Blomkamp is working on an original sci-fi flick called Elysium and that Sharlto Copley has signed to star. According to, Blomkamp’s pitch to studios includes a graphic novel as part of the presentation – which is interesting, because it’s how District 9 snuck onto the scene way back when.

Little more is known about Elysium, except that the story is set in the far future on another planet. Adding to the mystery though is a little Blomkamp teaser snippet called “AGM Heartland” that I found at Indiwire, which snuck in on the digital pages of the latest issue of Wired for the iPad. Again, not much is given away but it’s seems to be of rather more earthly (though still kind of gross) pursuits. What do you think?