Neurotic divorced single mom Eva meets slobby divorced single dad Albert at a party in Pacific Palisades. They begin seeing each other in that grateful, clumsy, and stamina-depleted way of the over forties. Unbeknownst to Eva though, she’s also met, and become friends with Albert’s ex-wife. When the penny drops, she allows her defensiveness about second chances to get the better of her, and she prods and pokes at Marianne with sneaky, inappropriate questions, pre-emptively identifying potential problems in her relationship with Albert.


It’s a bittersweet, funny film that resonates with those of us who are, shall we say, older in years, and crafting second or third or fourth iterations of our “to death do us parts.” It’s more touching still, being James Gandolfini’s last movie; he’s lovely in it. I thought it was great.