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Martingale facilitates physical, vfx and marketing production in South Africa, Serbia and Peru. Based on more than twenty years of global film & tv experience, Martingale is designed to help move film projects from development though production and on to audience engagement, with the minimum of hassle, and the maximum peace of mind. We are currently seeking service productions and co-production projects with budgets of US$1 million and over.

We understand today’s film production to involve three legs: Physical, VFX and Marketing production. Our approach is to use the whole of South Africa to deliver on these three elements. We work with the best practitioners in the country, assembling the ideal team for each project, based on the film’s unique and specific needs and budget requirements. (Locations and services in Serbia and Peru allow us to further offer year-round conditions and locations ideal for all sorts of production, should the project require it.)

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On receipt of an enquiry or submission, we assess the script from a number of angles so that we can propose a range of creative solutions using physical production or vfx, or a combination of both to create the optimum quality production at the most competitive prices. We can simply service the production for you, but as co-producers we can also help access the South African foreign film rebate of 25% on production and post budgets of $1 million and above. What’s more, with 30% pre-sales commitment, we can potentially raise the 70% balance of the film’s budget from South African sources. (And at US$1 to ZAR12.57 – we can really make your money go a VERY long way.)

Martingale also offers Marketing Production, building viable and dynamic promotional collateral – including websites, social media, merchandising and competitions – that will raise the profile, attract funders and target the film’s niche audiences through a variety of traditional, digital and transmedia platforms.

In equestrianism, a Martingale offers added control. In probability theory, it’s a model of a “fair game.” For us, Martingale means integrity. So if you’re looking to move forward on your next project with confidence, send us your script, any relevant supporting materials and your projected budget – and let’s get to work making your next film a reality.

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