When “Everest” – the true story of a mountain expedition that ends in tragedy – opens, it will do so by taking advantage of Imax’s ability to capture the on-screen spectacle, as well as its potential to differentiate a film that arrives without a major star, a superhero or a pre-existing franchise. The strategy it employed will be mimicked by “The Walk,” the story of Philippe Petit’s high-wire walk between the Twin Towers. However, it’s an approach that carries risks. After all, the film has to rely on quality, not just hype, to succeed. That’s problematic in an age where social media allows audiences to share their reactions in real time, hobbling marginal films like “Fantastic Four” and lifting up good ones like “Jurassic World” with the power of 140 characters…..

How ‘Everest’ and ‘The Walk’ Early Imax Runs Could Shake Up the Movie Business at Variety. Trailer below.