Fair Game is another gasp-a-minute revelation of breathless, bare-faced lies of the Bush-era government, as it tanked us all towards war a war in Iraq. If you don’t know the story, as the Bush government scrambled to create a case for a spurious war, word started to emerge of a huge amount of weapons-grade uranium being smuggled out of Niger. Joe Wilson, the husband of CIA Operative Valerie Plame and a former ambassador to the region, and was tasked with assessing whether such a massive shipment had actually occurred. His report said it was just not possible – not even logistically and especially not secretly. Nevertheless, the Bush government went ahead anyway and used the uranium shipment as its cause for war.

The film tracks the incident and its aftermath, none of it pretty, all of it gob-smacking, more of it astounding just because it’s all true. (well, not all of it, if the Washington Post has anything to say about it.) Anyway, unexpected as it was, I really, really enjoyed it. Not much to report on the locations side – Brooklyn seems to have done some stand in for DC, and you’ll see a Jordanian number-plate sneak into scene when it’s supposed to be Baghdad.

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