HBO shot Fatherland in Prague in 1994 – a year in which we were somewhat pre-occupied in the Republic of South Africa – so I missed it entirely. In fact I’d never even heard of it until I caught it on tv today. Based on a Thomas Harris novel of the same name, it’s set in 1964 and starts with an intriguing premise: that Hitler defeated the Allies in 1944 and established a Nazi super-state across Europe.

Against this backdrop, President (Joseph) Kennedy is about to arrive on a State Visit to meet the 75-year old Hitler to formally end the Cold War; Hitler needs American support to finally defeat the Soviets in the East. But the Germans have a nasty little secret that threatens to derail the entire deal….. An American journalist and a German detective investigate.

It’s definitely a tv movie in size and scope, but it’s a pretty chilly thriller nonetheless. And the Nazi meets the 60s styling is impressive too.