Frances Ha is a sweet film about a naive, socially-awkward, daydreaming and totally irresponsible New York dancer who spirals out of control and has to learn to grow up quicksticks after she falls out with her best friend. Filmed in black and white, and with a great deal of tenderness, the story bounces from New York to Sacramento to Paris and Vassar College before landing in Brooklyn, where there’s a glimpse of Frances emerging from her all her crazies….


It’s nice, not fantastic. I spent much of the film wanting to shake dear, delusional Frances. It’s a bit similar to Greta Gerwig’s previous film, Lola Versus, which I also enjoyed. Which made me a little disappointed today to hear that Ms. Gerwig has signed to Rebecca Miller’s Maggie’s Plan, which is about “a young woman trying to make her way in New York City”. Typecast much?